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South Park Speaks version 3 is here!!!

March 4, 1999

PLEASE READ THIS!!  SPSv3 does not contain internal sounds like version 1. You will need to configure SPSv3 to play sounds before you hear sounds. Download a TSU or point the SPSv3 player to the external sounds on your hard drive. (Read this for more info about TSUs.)

March 3, 1999

Its here!!! Now ready for download, Version 3.11!!!

Click on the Download Button to the left and have at it. If the server is slow or busy try our mirror site.

News Updates will be posted here and via the Mailing List, so check back often as we update the TSUs available.

March 1, 1999

South Park Speaks version 1 is still available and you can get it from the downloads section of our new and nifty web pages.

Questions? Comments? Rassberries or Applause? Read the FAQ, then send us mail.... SPSinfo@Baratta.com

South Park and the South Park Crew are copy righted by people with very powerful lawyers - which we sincerely hope we are not pissing off. We are just humble coders that want to bring to the masses such wonderful, innovative and twisted work. (Is that enough grovelling and butt kissing to keep my savings account for better uses then defending myself in court?) VIsit Comedy Central for the Official South Park Site.